Meet the Team 



Coach Since August 2018

Likes: Chocolate Chip Cookies, Massive Salads, Red Wine, Leg Day, Dogs

Dislikes: Burpees, Doing Laundry, Getting Up Early, Mushrooms

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Coach Since December 2018

Likes: Running, HIIT workouts, Moscow mules, turkey burger salads, glitter, football, napping

Dislikes: Seafood, avocadoes, push-ups, cold weather, shoes, shopping

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Molly Katsma

Coach Since August 2018

Likes: pizza, sprints, coffee, Labradoodles, Friends reruns, bourbon Old Fashions, dead lifts

Dislikes: oatmeal, cleaning, jumping lunges, close talkers, craft beers, going grocery shopping

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Margo Whyte

Coach Since November 2018

Likes:  Bravo and Everything Bravo, Chai Lattes, people who are quick to laugh, slow jogs, cheese

Dislikes: Sprints, Coffee, Folding Laundry, Olives

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Brittany Moore

Coach since December 2018

Likes: Bravo TV, Food Network, all music, all dogs, cooking, trying new foods, deadlifts, cold sheets

Dislikes: Cleaning dishes, listening to voicemail, going to the dry cleaner, white chocolate

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Jessica Cummings

Coach Since December 2018

Likes: Being around any body of water, Sweet Treats, Coaching Swimming, My "Real Job", Green Turtle Cay, Bulldog Pups, the Jacksonville Jaguars, Leggings, Empowering Others, Wine, Cooking, Spending Time with My Family

Dislikes: Mayo, Putting Away Laundry, Burpees, Negativity, Self Doubt, Traffic, Coming Home From Green Turtle Cay, Beer

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