Hi and welcome.  I’m Margo Whyte and I couldn’t be more thrilled that you are here.  I am 45 years old, married to a Senior Chief in the Navy, mom to two crazy girls (4 and 6) and have been a professional school counselor for close to 20 years.  We currently live outside Jacksonville, FL, but we move often.  I grew up in New York (not the city, but the North Country…just south of Canada) and if you ask me where I’m from I’ll tell you I live in Florida, but I’m from the NoCo.  

Now, if you are doing the math, you are realizing that I had my children pretty late compared to the average woman.  The doctors referred to it as “advanced maternal age,” but, my health and fitness journey began way before that.  I started feeling self-conscious about my weight and appearance in high school.  Growing-up I had always been active in sports, but never really considered myself an athlete.  I participated more for the social aspect.  So when I went to college, my activity level decreased and my eating (and other recreational college activities) increased.  This began my true struggle with my weight, but even more significant, with my self-confidence.  Over the years I have tried different programs (workouts, diets, shakes, supplements, patches, the list goes on) and found success, but it was never sustainable.  After my second child I resolved myself to the idea that this is just what a 43 year old mother of toddlers’ looks like, and that is ok.  But it wasn’t ok.  Enter the Faster Way to Fat Loss.  I found FWTFL through a friend who had just had her second child and was struggling to get her “body back.”  She asked if I wanted to try it with her.  I jumped in and have never looked back.  After two rounds I was down 27 pounds and 3 pant sizes!  I had awesome energy, would fall asleep when my head hit the pillow and felt ready for the day when my alarm went off.  But the most amazing part was my mind shift.  I was more confident, enjoyed seeing myself in pictures with my kids and husband, and was just proud and comfortable in my own skin.

Then the transition from client to coach:  when you know you found the key, you want to start unlocking door for those around you.  The FWTFL is different.  It is not the same reduce calories, increase movement program we have all tried in a hundred different packages.  It is different and it really, truly works.  So if you are ready, let me unlock that door for you and support you as you take that first step into this amazing new way of living.

I’d love to have you join me! You can register below or email me at with any questions.