Hi! I’m Jen. I live in Fort Mill, SC with my husband, son and daughter. Though I’ve lived down here for half my life, I still claim I’m not southern and try so hard not to say “y’all.” I’m a NJ native who came to SC for college (Go Clemson!), and the warmer temperatures made me never want to leave. 

I was a collegiate rower turned distance runner, and I worked at Clemson’s campus recreation center throughout college. My love of fitness prompted me to pursue my Master of Public Health in Health Behavior, mostly because I was curious as to why some people exercised while others did not. I’ve spent my career as a medical writer/editor, which basically means I read scientific studies on fitness, nutrition, and chronic diseases, and then translate that information so everyday people can understand it. I love what I do!

While I’ve always been a fitness fanatic, nutrition has been a challenge for me. I’ve battled sugar cravings and constant bloating, and never met a pizza I didn’t like. For years, I’ve searched for ways to get a handle on my nutrition without success. Throughout my career, I’ve seen hundreds of diet programs, but most are only short-term solutions. On the flip side, the “just eat healthy” guidance is too vague for me.

Enter the FASTer Way to Fat Loss®. I tried it out of curiosity, and fell in love with the program right away. The way I eat has changed for the better, and it’s so easy to maintain long-term. I can confidently say that this is the most effective and sustainable healthy lifestyle program I’ve ever seen. As soon as I found success with the FASTer Way, I couldn’t stop screaming about it from the rooftops. I knew I had to become a coach because helping people make healthy lifestyle changes has always been the driving force behind what I do. I love empowering others and watching them become healthier versions of themselves. 

I would love to help you reach your goals. Sign up for my next round here, or email me at for more information.