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Welcome, friends! My name is Jeanna Sullivan, I’m a 38 year old wife, mom to 4 and Real Estate Broker. I’m happy you are reading this because it means you find me relatable. As a working mom, I put myself on the back burner. Sound familiar? I know I’m going to sound like a broken record here and you’ve probably heard this before, but that’s ok. If it touches even one person, it’s worth sharing my story.

After being pregnant back to back to back, and I’ve been nursing pretty much since 2013, I wasn’t myself. I didn’t feel good. I had aches and pains I never experienced before. I didn’t find myself worthy and I hated how I looked which means I rarely took photos with my kids and that broke my heart. I was stressed to the max, didn’t sleep and was a ball of worry. Trust me when I say I’ve tried every program out there. I under ate, overate, took meal replacement shakes, pill challenges, and if you told me I would lose weight, I bought it and have the shirt to prove it (literally I have the shirts). No matter what I did, I still looked 5 months pregnant. I started telling myself “this is your body after 4 kids, you better get use to it”.

I had a few friends try the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® and had great results. But the thought of counting macros (which at the time was over my head) I didn’t sign up. Instead, like any normal person, I stalked the creator of the program Amanda Tress on social media for 6 months. One night, with a knot in my stomach from being so disappointed in myself, I signed up. I promised myself if I go all in and don’t lie to myself while on this program I will buy myself a gift. To be honest, when I first signed up I was overwhelmed, but that quickly went away and I was taught the program in baby steps during prep-week. And when the first week started, I was on my way and never looked back. I’m happy to say I bought that gift for myself with no regrets, I lost 16 lbs and over 16 inches in my first round. In 4 months, I’ve lost a total of 30 lbs, I’m fitting into my skinny clothes, my sex drive is back and those aches, pains and bad habits are a thing of the past. And an added bonus is my mindset has completely changed! This is why I wanted to become a FASTer Way to Fat Loss® certified coach, to help others feel as good as I feel!

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Meal Plan - Are you looking for a FASTer Way Meal Plan? Unfortunately there isn’t one (and for good reason!) but I know many of my clients are looking for guidance on exactly what to eat. Cristin over at Modern Homemade has created a meal plan that follows the FASTer Way lifestyle. Her meal plan covers everything you need to simplify your FASTer Way round — grocery lists, meal prep strategies, dinner recipes, and macro breakdowns for each recipe. It also includes ideas to arrange simple, healthy lunches from items you have on hand. Enter code faster_ks to save $10 on the meal plan!

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